Boiler Service

Boilers can wear down and become more and more unreliable as they are old, with the cost of boiler repairs and boiler breakdowns taking a heavy strain on the pocket of its owner. Avoid boiler breakdowns, costly repairs by regularly servicing your boiler. Most of the reputable boiler manufacturers recommend that you get your boiler serviced every year. Also, all new boilers need annual checks to maintain the validity of the warranty.

Celmeng Plumbing and Heating gas safe qualified engineers provide comprehensive servicing for every kind of boiler. Our engineers will do a 30-point boiler check and service which includes boiler efficiency, safety and reliability checks. During servicing your boiler will get a thorough cleaning so that your boiler is in top condition.

At Celmeng Plumbing and Heating we can provide your system with a power flush through the system. Power flush of central heating cleans the sludge away from the entire heating network. Therefore, once the power flush is complete, your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard as it was beforehand.

If you haven't got your boiler serviced yet then contact us and we will provide you a bespoke competitive boiler service quote.